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We understand that as an agency, your time is precious and you may not have the resources to deliver large-scale video projects under one roof. Flagship Visuals Co. is a full-service production house with a crew of over 15 years of experience that will partner with your agency to produce beautifully crafted videos through all stages of the production process. We’ll collaborate to take your concept and reimagine it into a work of art through professional techniques in lighting, editing, shot alignment, and on-site direction. The quality of the video directly reflects who is behind the lens, so make sure your agency has the catalyst for creativity.


Concept Creation

Developing the story your brand wants to tell and the best way to communicate it.


We’ll collaborate with your team to lay the groundwork and help achieve your project’s scope and vision.


Our team is on-site filming with premium professional equipment. No matter the scope, our crew might range from just a few members to a 20-person film set.

Post Production

Piecing the footage together to tell a story beginning to end. Our team records voice overs, adds in music, creates visual effects and more.


Storyboards, script writing, directing, filming and editing 30-second and 60-second spots for all mediums.


We travel to where the action happens in order to secure interviews and b-roll for an accurate portrayal of the story.

Social Content

Visually telling stories of romance, horror, drama, comedy, and everything in between.


Professionally creating films such as training, HR, and tutorial videos for your business.

Our Process

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