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About Us

Founded in 2014, Flagship Visuals is a full-service turnkey video production company anchored in Virginia Beach, VA. Providing creative services, visual storytelling, and video production directly to brands and agency partners. We create visually striking content that tells the story of our clients in ways they may not have considered themselves. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do; in order to succeed, Flagship Visuals Co. will remain a strong partner throughout every step of the production process for a truly enjoyable adventure!

Core Team

Matt Trygar Matt Trygar
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Matt Trygar

Founder & Creative Director

Matt Trygar, the Founder and Creative Director of Flagship, steers the company ship towards new opportunities. From collaborating with new brands and agencies to planning his next spontaneous adventure, Matt loves to teach others the craft of filmmaking. His perfectionism and eye for detail doesn’t slow him down, but instead creates continuous success. With over ten years of experience directing and producing a broadcast television show for a non-profit, he’s all about enjoying the journey and he will make sure his clients and team experience that feeling everyday. Matt holds certifications in RED Cinema, Freefly MoVI Systems, and is a UAS FAA Certified Drone Pilot.

Derrick Lorah Derrick Lorah
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Derrick Lorah

Director & Executive Producer

Derrick Lorah is our Director and Executive Producer. With over 15 years of experience, Derrick has been shooting and editing videos for brands. His knowledge and skills in an editing suite translate seamlessly to directing on set. He’s straight forward and is completely transparent about what he thinks - because that’s his job. Agencies and brands love him for it. Derrick holds certifications in RED Cinema and Freefly MoVI Systems.

Matt Haskell Matt Haskell
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Matt Haskell

Editor / Production Design

Whether it’s putting his body on the line as an impromptu stuntman or “fixing it in post” as Lead Editor, Haskell is down for anything. As Flagship's resident Swiss Army knife, Haskell has experience in all three phases of the filmmaking process from creative development all the way through post-production. Nobody loves uncharted waters more than Haskell, if there’s a unique creative solution to your problem, you can be sure he’ll find it!

Heather Trygar Heather Trygar
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Heather Trygar

Finance Manager

Heather Trygar is our Finance Manager and resident health food junkie. She keeps the crew in line and the company ship fueled with her business accounting skills. Whether anyone at the office wants to admit it or not, Heather is the rudder that steers us to success. She’s the wind beneath the company sails.


Concept Creation

Developing the story your brand wants to tell and the best way to communicate it.


We’ll collaborate with your team to lay the groundwork and help achieve your project’s scope and vision.


Our team is on-site filming with premium professional equipment. No matter the scope, our crew might range from just a few members to a 20-person film set.

Post Production

Piecing the footage together to tell a story beginning to end. Our team records voice overs, adds in music, creates visual effects and more.



Storyboards, script writing, directing, filming and editing 30-second and 60-second spots for all mediums.


We travel to where the action happens in order to secure interviews and b-roll for an accurate portrayal of the story.

Social Content

Visually telling stories of romance, horror, drama, comedy, and everything in between.


Professionally creating films such as training, HR, and tutorial videos for your business.

Our Gear


  • Cameras + Equipment
  • RED Epic-W 8k Helium Sensor
  • RED Scarlet-W 5k Dragon Sensor
  • Canon 1DX Mark II
  • MoVI Pro Gimbal
  • Drone-DJI Inspire 1 w/ X5R - Dual Operator
  • Canon CN-E Primes Lenses
  • 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
  • Canon L Series Photography Lenses
  • 24-105mm II, 16-35mm III, 70-200mm F4, 100mm Macro, 24-70mm, Tokina - 11-16mm Dx2
  • For the Client
  • Small HD - Director + Client Monitors
  • DIT w/ 4TB On-site Backups
  • Production Van
  • 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

Post Production

  • Premium Editing Suite
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Mastering
  • Client Viewing Room
  • Work Space
  • 4 Additional Edit Bays
  • Client Video Project Review System
  • Footage Backup System: On-site + Off-site
  • Conference Room and Lounge
  • Walking distance to hotels, restaurants, beach, and convention center.