Case Study

Capital One



Flagship Visuals Co. partnered with Alice Blue and Capital One to deliver two thirty second social videos. Produced by Alice Blue, and managed by Carleen Mitchell, Alice Blue put together two phenomenal social spots highlighting their expertise in commercial filmmaking, motion graphics, and composite of the edit with graphics. Flagship Visuals provided pre production services including concept consulting, shot lists, and schedule creation. In one day of filming the FVCO crew shot two commercials for Capital One. Our in-house Director, DP, 1st AC, and MoVi Operator participated in every step of the process to deliver on the day. The footage was immediately taken back to the FVCO HQ and handed off to the post production staff for editing and coordination with the Alice Blue animation team. The result was a seamless experience for Agency and Client, and two well crafted social videos for Capital One. 


  • Agency Alice Blue
  • Brand Capital One
  • Production Company Flagship Visuals Co.
  • Executive Producer Meredith Ott
  • Producer Carleen Mitchell
  • Editor Flagship Visuals Co.
  • Motion Graphics Alice Blue

Services Provided



Post Production