Visit Virginia Beach | Late Summer & Fall



Virginia Beach Captures That Year-Round Summer Glow
The Destination
Sunsets, shorelines and surfing are no-brainers in the height of summer. But promoting a beach destination during non-peak seasons is not as easy, as visitors presume that Virginia Beach packs up and shuts down immediately after Labor Day. In truth, the party is still going on, and the late-summer/early-fall season is an ideal time to visit. Flagship Visuals meets this challenge head-on by helping create original content showcasing less obvious Virginia Beach experiences – in a more engaging and involving way.
The Journey
As part of our ongoing opportunity to collaborate with one of Virginia Beach’s agency of record, Flagship worked with Vigilant Creative in developing a concept that enables the viewer to experience the action onscreen for themselves. Together, we created six 15-second spots, each comprised of one continuous shot, and highlighting six unique aspects of the Virginia Beach experience. Flagship approached the production by meticulously mapping out each video concept, planning each scene to capture all action in a single take. Each hero was tracked and followed as they moved through a signature Virginia Beach activity, capturing a feeling of ease throughout. The destination ended up with an abundance of evergreen content, which they used right away in a coordinated social campaign to extend their reach beyond the tourist season.
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  • Client Visit Virginia Beach
  • Agency Vigilant Creative
  • Production Company Flagship Visuals Co.
  • Post Production Company Flagship Visuals Co.

Services Provided

Concept Creation



Post Production