Your Strategy Call is Booked!

We’ll look over your application to prepare for the call, and someone on our team will give you a call at the day and time you selected.


• Answer your phone.

• Make sure you’re in a quiet place with good reception.

• Have a pen and paper handy … and write down your questions ahead of time.

• It also helps to express your video needs with your business partner or colleague BEFORE the call.

• We’re looking forward to it. And we hope you are, too.

– Flagship Visuals Team

What Our Clients Say

Flagship Visuals is a well-rounded, client-first-focused organization that produces high-quality, best-in-class content. Over the past few years, they have steadily worked their way into becoming a valued content-producing partner for STIHL.

Les Robinson

Social Media Specialist, STIHL USA

The Flagship Visuals team loves what they do and it shows in the final product. They’re active contributors to the creative process every step of the way–putting in the work to plan every detail of the production, but flexible enough to ensure your vision is brought to life in a truly dynamic way. It’s always a good time when you’re on set with Flagship.

Kevin McCarthy

Creative Director, BCF AGENCY