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Our Process for Brands

Our company motto is Enjoy the Adventure!

This is our ultimate goal on all projects, and we accomplish this through a detailed video strategy and project management process.

You will work closely with the Flagship Visuals team in all phases of your production, and your project will be overseen by a dedicated production manager. Depending on what your project requires, there can be SIX phases to your production:


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We’ll start by bringing our teams together for a kickoff meeting to discuss your overall project goals. We’ll talk target audience, brand messaging, and timelines to embark on this journey.

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After Discovery, we get to work on making your wish list a reality.

We put together a Production Package: a document that proposes concepts, outlines the story, introduces the look we’re aiming to achieve, summarizes the necessary requirements to execute each concept, and presents an updated project schedule.

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Laying the right groundwork is essential to developing a great video.

We’ll collaborate with your team to help achieve your projects scope and vision. From turn-key producing to concept consulting services on your shoot, we have 15 years of industry expertise to make your project come to life. FVCo will be involved as much or as little as you want us to be. In the end, you will have a shot list and paper-cut that will make the production a very enjoyable experience.

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Now the fun part. Let those cameras roll!

The FVCo Crew will carefully craft your visual content, adhering to all guidelines outlined in your project discovery. Depending on what footage we are capturing, the crew might range from just a few members to a 20-person film set.

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At this stage, our editorial post-production team will dive in to shape your story, handle color-correction, record any voice overs, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics, and in general make sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production.

Every editing project is managed by a seasoned Post-Production Supervisor making sure your vision comes to life on the editing room floor. We understand that getting final approval from a client can sometimes be tricky, so we have developed an easy process for you to submit notes for all video submissions through an innovative dedicated video review platform:

First Cut

After we collect all the assets for your project, our editors immerse themselves into the material. We organize the media, search for music, begin the development of graphics, and incorporate voiceover (if applicable) for the First Cut.

The First Cut provides your team with the opportunity to provide feedback and ensures that your video meets your team’s expectations.

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The Fine Cut 1 incorporates all client feedback based on the first cut. It addresses any structural changes to the video and confirms the music selection and graphic treatments, in addition to all grammatical and legal flags addressed before picture lock. Several Fine Cuts can be required based on notes, corrections, and changes.

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The Lock Cut is picture lock. All content edits, graphic, text, and legal notes have been implemented. It’s now time to apply the finishing touches to your video, which includes color grading and sound mastering.


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Final approval on sound and color are given by the client and we are on our way to the delivery.

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The Delivery

Your project is now complete. We will write and deliver all necessary files, and file formats for final delivery.

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